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Barbeque Bukhari Rice

Barbecue cocktails are typical Middle Eastern families' habit during weekends, favored during family gatherings, especially during good weather seasons. The Arabic term of BBQ implies grilled meat of different types on coal embers.

Barbeque with Bukhari Rice
Barbecue dressing:
2 Lemons, squeezed
2 Onions, minced
2 tomatoes, grated
Salt and pepper as desired

Barbeque Cocktail:
Shish Taouk (Chicken)
Lamb muttons

Bukhari rice Ingredients:
1 and half kg Abukass rice
4 tomatoes, mashed
2 tablespoons tomato sauce
2 cups chicken broth
1 tablespoon crushed cardamom
1 tablespoon black pepper
5 cinnamon sticks
10 cloves
5 shredded carrots

Prepare seasoning mixture to rub on meats before grilling to add personalized flavorsو, keep refrigerated for two hours minimum.
Stir onions then carrot in oil, add spices then tomato puree. Now add water then rice to pot and cook on low heat until rice becomes tender. Be careful not to overcook rice because Bukhari should not be mushy.
Serving Suggestions:
Place rice on platter and serve hot. Add grilled meat on top.