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Biryani or beriani; cooking method that was named after the Persian word "beryan" which means fried or roasted. Brought to South Asia and other parts of the world by Iranian travelers and merchants, Biryani is set rice with special aroma spices, with meat.

Lamb Biryani ingredients:
2k AbuKass rice
1 and half kilo beef chops.
1 Cup vegetable oil
150g Vegetable Ghee
Half kilo of minced onion
100g ginger
100g garlic
Half bunch of cilantro
Half bundle of mint
4 chili pepper
10 grains cardamom
4 cinnamon sticks
10 cloves
Tomato sauce
Additional spices as desired

Cook lamb with desired spices as usual. In a large skillet fry onion and garlic then vegetables until starting to soften, stir in spices and lamb muttons.
In cooking pan place half the quantity of soaked rice then add the lamb mixture to the pan, cover with the rest of rice. Cover and simmer until the rice is well done and fragrant.