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Chicken Pistachio Rolls stuffed rice

Chicken Rolls stuffed with rice and pistachio
Rolls with various fillings are delicious and everybody's favorite, in addition to its' rich taste with spices and healthy stuffing. Rolls dough consists of eggs and flour batter pancake. And it tops the list of most wanted appetizer during parties and Ramadan. With rice and pistachio added, it becomes a pleasure to the sight too.

Chicken Rolls stuffed with rice and pistachio:
1 and half kg AbuKass rice
1 K minced chicken
2 minced onions
Half kilo of pistachios, crushed
150g raisins
3 L chicken broth
Vegetable oil
100g butter
Salt and pepper as desired

Mix "filling" ingredients until they form a thick paste. Lay chicken breasts out and fill them with the pistachio mixture. Roll up the chicken around the filling and secure it by sewing with a thread. Season the chicken with olive oil, place pieces in oven tray and cook until all sides are roasted.
You can serve with mashed potatoes or sautéed vegetables.