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Vegetables Kabsa desert truffle

Vegetables Kabsa with desert truffle
Kabsa is the most favorite basic meal among the Gulf States. It consists mainly of long-grain rice cooked with spices, served with meat or chicken, fish or truffles, decorated with raisins and nuts. Truffles dishes are seasonal due to its' short existence during a limited period of winter time.

Vegetables Kabsa with desert truffle
One and half kg AbuKass rice
Half a kilo carrots
Half a kilo of zucchini
Half a kilo of eggplant
Half a kilo of tomatoes, mashed
2 tbsp. Tomato sauce
3 liters water or chicken broth
10 grains cardamom
2 onions, minced
10 grains cloves
Salt and pepper to taste
½ cup oil

Boil mutton in water with cardamom, cloves, onions and desired spices. Clean and wash truffles then boil in water. Cook rice separately with diced onions, broth and tomatoes and other vegetables until well done.
Serving suggestions:
Turn out rice onto serving platter; arrange meat and truffles on top. Sprinkle with soaked saffron and rose water.