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5 Winter Beauty Mistakes

For some, the winter cold and wind is a blessing, while for others it can be extremely harmful to their skin. So how can you cope with nature's changes without sacrificing your looks? These few tips will guide you to keep your skin fresh this winter, so that you're positively glowing when springtime arrives!

Ignoring Sunscreen

Just because the weather is so cold doesn't mean sunlight has changed: do not skip sunscreen, no matter how cold it is. Ultraviolet light damages the skin and accelerates its aging process. To be more particular about the harmful effects of sunlight; pigmentation and wrinkles are a direct result of sunlight rather than natural aging. Damaging rays are there even during hazy days, so protect your skin with foundation that contains sunblock base (or just plain sunscreen) as suits your life style.

Wrong Foundation color

Choosing a foundation that is wrong in color or texture is one of the most common aging beauty mistakes. As you grow older, your skin tends to develop yellowish undertones, so you should choose a foundation color that most closely matches your skin's texture and tone. Try on the foundation before you buy it, search for tinted moisturizers for day and satin finish liquid for evening. Wearing a heavy layer of mask-like foundation magnifies fine lines and highlights large pores.

Lipstick that is too dark or too pale

It might be a fashion trend but it's better to avoid these extreme colors no matter what skin tone you have. Dark colors reflect sharp edges which are harsh looking, while bright shades make teeth look yellow. If you are looking for little change this winter, look for soft and natural colors that are not too glossy or matte.

Wearing Too Much Makeup

Multi-color eye shadows and shimmering cheek powders might be ideal for some parties but during most other occasions it only highlights every tiny fold and matures your look. Just stick to the basics.

Over-Plucking Eyebrows

Eyebrows do thin with age naturally; tugging them constantly results in hair loss. With time this act will leave brows too scarce to provide a frame for the eyes. Go for medium shape which is not like a heavily penciled brow or a thin one