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Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen updates rank among the most popular home improvements because it is an excellent return on the investment. Here are 5 trends to track when planning your remodeling project.

1- Built-in Coffee Center

The latest models deliver customized cups of coffee, espresso, and cappuccino with the press of a button. Sleek, built-in designs save valuable counter space.

2- Sculptural Stove Hoods

The latest designs of stove hoods combine stainless steel with new materials, such as treated glass. Some also incorporate features such as an overhead spice rack

3- Appliances That Pop

Retro kitchen accoutrements in colors such as red, yellow, and cobalt blue inject today's kitchens with a shot of color therapy.

4- Computerized Appliances

Appliances of the next generation will be computer-regulated, interactive, cyber-smart, and multifunctional having them in any kitchen will be a great added value to it.

5- Custom Countertops

Counters are going from common to couture with custom touches such as wooden butcher blocks and marble pastry slab inserts. Homeowners are mixing materials, such as concrete embedded with bits of glass and metal, create your own style.