Chef Abukass Recipes

Granola Fingers

Preparation time:
5 Min
very easy



Granola or oatmeal fingers are healthy sweets, which have increased in popularity recently because they have a good amount of fiber and mineral salts. In fact, they have enough of each to be the equivalent of the body’s needs for one day. They also are rich in fiber and vitamins. This easy dessert is also handy when you want to get rid of left over cooked rice.

The Recipe Features:

- This candy is a great fiber feeder so it is ideal for children and the elderly.

- You can save it in a small bag and give it to your kids for breakfast.

- The origins of Granola fingers goes back to North America, but the popularity is spreading across Europe too.

Ingredients Description

1 cup of boiled Abukass Rice

1½ cups oats

½ cup chopped nuts

½ cup dried fruit as desired on (Cranberry - raisins - dried cherries)

½ cup corn syrup (you can be found in department stores)

1 teaspoon vanilla summary

¼ teaspoon salt

1½ teaspoon cinnamon

3 tbsp Peanut butter


- Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and either butter up a baking tray, add butter foil or spray with melted butter so the mixture doesn’t stick. (It is best to put the rice on a non stick pan and toast it first).

- Mix the dry ingredients together: oats, grains, nuts, dried fruit, then pour corn syrup on them.

- Add the vanilla, salt, cinnamon, peanut butter and stir all ingredients to mingle and become a paste.

- Shape the mix in the form of the fingers and place on the tray, sprinkle a bit of butter spray on the face of the fingers and put in the oven.

- Let the granola toast in the oven for 30 minutes (or until you get the perfect recipe for your tastes). They are best when they are crunchy on the oustide and soft on the inside.


Serve hot or cold with hot chocolate